FYI you can now get wine lollipops

scandal 16/06/2017

Ahh the perks of being an adult. You can set your own bedtimes, choose what you want for dinner, and you get to PARTAAAAY, atleast untill you've had a few to many and the party soon turns to this:

Well now you can switch the glass of wine for one sweet treat!

Lollyphile have created the revolutionary lolly that we never knew we needed until right now. The have created wine lollipops and they have made sure there's one for every wine lover there is with flavours including 'Cab Sav', 'Chardonnay' and 'Merlot'. 

The lollipops will cost you around $12 for a pack of four but the bad news is these lollipops are 0% alcohol but hey atleast instead of a mad hangover you'll just end up with a massive sugar rush!