Cuteness alert: Viarni and Zac celebrate their one month anniversary

scandal 23/06/2017

Zac and Viarni are celebrating the milestone of one month since they won The Bachelor NZ 2017.

The couple have kept a relatively low profile since the show's conclusion, where Zac chose the redhead from Mount Maunganui over 20-year-old Lily.

Viarni, 22, has taken to Instagram with a heartwarming post about their relationship, captioning a photo with a message about why she likes him.

"This guy. Somehow always shuts his eyes in photos. Somehow out-dorks me on the reg. Somehow always makes me smile. Can't believe this day was a month ago. Time flies," she wrote.

After receiving so much attention on the reality TV show, the couple took an understandable break from the limelight to get to know each other better.

Viarni hasn't posted many snaps with her man during June, although she did upload a humourous image with a funny-shaped fruit.

Zac, on the other hand, most recently posted a video of a male friend bursting through a wall as part of a spot of DIY.

Source: Newshub