Britney Spears 'Toxic' without auto-tune has been leaked

scandal 08/06/2017

If there's only one thing you listen to today, this has got to be it.

It's no suprise that Britney Spears was literally the queen of pop in the 90's with songs like 'Baby One More Time', which TBH is still such a jam, and she was KILLING IT (except for that movie she did...lets just not talk about that).

And in-case you needed another reason of why she was such a queen, a leaked version of Britney's song 'Toxic' from 2003 without auto-tune or enhancements has just been released on Youtube. 

And after having a listen...she SMASHED it! considering how similar to the finished song it sounds, it just goes to show why we love Britney so much.

watch the full un-edited version above.