Beyonce and JAY-Z's twins names reportedly leaked

scandal 22/06/2017


Reports that a friend of Beyonce and JAY-Z's have leaked the baby names of their newborn twins, and OMFG they're adorable!

Beyonce gave birth to twins last week, one boy and one girl, and has stayed in the hospital with her newborns after they were born prematurely.

If the reports are true, the couples newborn son has taken Daddy's name, Shawn Jr., while in a cute twist the daughter of the celebrity duo has been named after her mum and is called Bea.

Remember, this is all speculation with the source still being the only one to report on the names but we soooooooooo hope it's true!

Little Blue-Ivy Carter, plus Shawn Carter Jr. and Bea Carter equals CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!