An Aussies Bunnings now has a TripAdvisor for its 5 star 'snags'

trending 27/06/2017

Forget the building supplies, Bunnings is for the snags!

Better known as the place that'll beat any price by 15%, Bunnings Warehouse has become famous for their sausage sizzles with many saying their local shop has the best snags in town, and now there's proof.

A Bunnings Warehouse in rural Victoria is getting a lot of attention recently after the 'restaurant' appeared on TripAdvisor, because the internet is a weird place.

The local Bunnings in Warrnambool has had 52 reviews so far, with 48 of them being 5 star rated (Excellent).

That makes the charity sausage sizzle that goes down every Sunday the 9th-highest rated eatery in the Warrnambool area. And that's out of 93 places!

The best part about the 5 star ratings???? They all come with outstanding reviews, explaining why this Bunnings has the best 'snarlers in town'.

Of course, you can't win over everyone but it just means more snags for us!