ALERT: We're about to get these 56 new emojis

trending 21/06/2017

If you were scared you might have to actually start TALKING to your friends again, well don't fear, new emojis are (almost) here!

56 new emojis have been announced as part of the Unicode 10.0 release, including fairies, a brain, and have you ever wanted to use an emoji instead of swearing? well now you're in luck.

Photo credit: AppleInsider

“I took it upon myself to do more to develop a proposal which would show what I call ‘gender-inclusive emoji representation’—androgynous enough to depict someone of every gender, male or female or somewhere in between,” said Paul Hunt, a member of the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji Subcommittee.

If you can't wait to be able to send your friends a dumpling emoji, these should all be available in a future update for our Iphones!