ALERT: Fans think Beyonce has already given birth to her twin bbs

scandal 02/06/2017

Do we have two more Queen Bs in the world??? 

After Beyonce announced all the back in Feb that she was going to be having twins with the photo everyone was copying... *cough* Jay-Jay, Dom and Randell *cough*

We've been waiting patiently for the twins to join us in the world but some fans think they might already be here!

Their reasoning is that in her last post on insta her baby pump looks alot smaller than it has in previous posts... 

This was a photo from 2 days ago and compare that this this post from last month.

Another reason they think she might have already given birth is the fact last week her sister, Solange, cancelled her concert in Boston leading them to believe it was in order to attend the birth.

And you thought that's all the proof we had? WELL GUESS AGAIN.

Last week B's mum Tina was spotted at a hospital in L.A... could that have been when it took place?

Most likely we'll have to wait for another well planned post on Insta but until then we can atleast hope!