You can now travel the world looking after peoples pets

trending 18/05/2017

Hiliary Duff, we finally know what you were singing about.

If there were two things we wished for most they would be to travel the world, and to touch all the doggos in the world. Well, get ready to pack your bags because you're in luck!

If you hate the thought of leaving your pet behind when you go on holiday then this is 100% for you. Trusted Housesitters is a new site that links travellers with home-owners who are heading away and want a house-sitter. The best part is these houses come with pets!


You don't even have to pay to stay at the houses, you just need to look after their pets in exchange for the free accom.

And the houses aren't too bad themselves!

The site comes with a fee of around $10US a month (or $119US a year) to be able to stay at the homes but that's a small price when you get to travel the world and see all dem cute pets!