When will Riverdale season 2 be out on Netflix New Zealand?

trending 19/05/2017


It's the question on every Riverdale fan's lips right now, when will season 2 become available on Netflix?

It was confirmed a few weeks ago that Riverdale had been renewed for a second season on Netflix, but when will we get to see that second season with our own two eyes!??!

Well, sit tight because we've got our hands on the rumoured release date for the UK and NZ. 

It has already been announced that the second season will air in 2018, with production/filming to start from June - August next year (ughhhh that means it's ages away). 

So if our calculations are correct, the release date for season two won't be until the end of 2018. 


We need more juicy scandal like when Archie and Cheryl kissed (see clip below for memory refresher). 

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