This just in: Talking to your pets is a sign of intelligence

scandal 01/06/2017

We all know that awkward feeling when someone hears the voice you do when talking to your pets i.e "aaaw who's a good boy?" (We so know you just did the voice).

Well now you can let the whole world hear that voice because good means you're a genius! (ok maaaaybe not genius but it does mean you're smart).

Naming your pet and giving them human characteristics is called 'Anthropomorphising', very scientific. A professor from the University of Chicago said that this act is actually human nature.

“Historically, anthropomorphising has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it’s actually a natural by product of the tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet,”.

And this makes you more intelligent because your brain is having to work harder to understand the object!