People have found a disgusting new way to get rid blackheads

trending 12/05/2017

If you're a pimple-popping-video-watching, pore strip-loving person, stay tuned, because Reddit's new method of getting rid of blackheads will be the highlight of your day.

Here's potentially the most riveting blackhead removal you'll see all day (very specific, but we don't know your YouTube history).

*Fair warning, this is right up the gross/fascinating alley of the skin purges people post online*

According to Daily Mail, people have started using a new method of blackhead cleansing called 'gritting'. Here's how it's done:

  1. Wash your face with an oil-based cleanser
  2. Apply a clay mask
  3. Wash your face again with an oil cleanser and spend serious time massaging it into your skin

The clay works to pull out the dirt and oil in your pores, so when you give yourself that final wash your hands come away looking like this:


We have no idea if this will work for ya but give it a go and let us know! :O