Snapchat introduces limitless pictures

trending 10/05/2017

How many times have you gone to take a video on Snapchat but just as something funny is about to happen the timer runs out? well thankfully that's now a thing of the past!

Snapchat's latest update is literally its best yet. For the first time ever you can now put up a snap with no time limit. 

If you set your snap to limitless it'll stay on the screen of whoever's checking it out untill they swipe out of it.

With the update also came other new features. There's now a "play forever" option for your vid that'll loop them over and over again so you'll never have to watch anything else every again!

And if that was'nt enough there's now a "magic eraser" letting you remove parts out of your picture that you don't want in there. So get ready to up your Snapchat game!