Shortland Street reveal major spoiler for 25th anniversary episode

trending 25/05/2017


It's Shortland Street's 25th anniversary tonight, and it would appear they've just dropped a pretty major spoiler about the 90 minute episode on their Facebook page. 

NZ's longest running soap has been going haaaard on the Facebook teasers in their lead up to tonight's feature-length episode, but their most recent teaser post is somewhat "alarming" (especially if you're a Nick and Waverly fan like us).

The show posted a selfie pic of Mason (the bad guy) with Nick and Waverly... and they all look shocked. 

The caption reads: "#SpoilerAlert They are working for Mason!?"

Ummm, no. This is not okay.

Nick and Waverly are good people. Why would they work for the likes of Mason?? WE NEED ANSWERS SHORTLAND STREET.

P.s Jono, Ben and Shayryn had Michael Galvin (who plays Chris Warner) in studio yesterday for a quiz on his Shortland Street memory.

Watch the clip below!

Shortland Street's 25th anniversary episode airs tonight on TV2 at 7pm, and will run for 90 minutes.