New 'smart handbag' has a fingerprint scanner to open it

scandal 23/05/2017


If you're sick of your phone dying after playing two songs, or losing your bag at a party, then get ready to save up because this is going to be perf for you.

The FYB London handbag has popped up on Kickstarter and we need it ASAP.

Not only does it look pretty AF but this bag will let your phone live FOREVER (ok probs not forever, but it won't be going flat anytime soon). That's because the pockets have wireless charging to keep your phone fully charged or, if you want to do it the old fashioned way, there's usb ports too.

But like we said, this is the bag of the future, and what does a bag of the future need? a fingerprint scanner! On the bag is a locking system that can store up to 100 fingerprints and also a special pocket that blocks thieves from being able to steal your money via paywave.

You can also connect the bag to your phone via bluetooth to send you an alert if you move too far away from it to stop you losing it. But be ready to bust out the wallet with it costing between $550-$650!