Minimum Uber prices set to skyrocket in New Zealand

trending 18/05/2017

This is the worst news, ever...

Uber users, brace yourselves - the ridesharing company is about to boost its minimum price by almost a third.

An Uber spokesperson confirmed to Newshub on Wednesday that the price of a minimum fare is rising from $5 to $5.95 from Monday.

On top of that, a new booking fee of 55 cents is also being added.

In total it means the minimum ride will now cost $6.50, rather than $5 - a rise by almost a third.

Uber said the prices are rising after feedback from its drivers.

"Following our recent roundtable listening discussions with driver-partners, we heard that an important improvement Uber could make to the driving experience would be increasing the minimum fare," the spokesperson said.

An email sent to drivers said the fee increase means the minimum amount they'll receive after Uber takes its cut will be $4.28.

The increase will be across all New Zealand cities Uber is available in and the booking fee mirrors that in the US.

Source: Newshub.