Little Mix's set was cut from TV after Perrie's live F-bomb

scandal 30/05/2017

Look we all know when you're listening to your favourite song, it's hard to control your actions...

Some people dance like crazy, some sing at the top of their lungs, and some drop a casual F-bomb *cough* Perrie *cough*.

Little Mix were recently performing their song 'Down and Dirty' live for Radio One's Big Weekend in the UK when Perrie shouted "F* that, get down and dirty!"

Which BBC weren't tooo happy with. They pulled the live broadcast and issued an apology straight away.

"So…apologies there, sincere apologies for any bad language you might have heard,” he said, adding, “Obviously that was not intended to go out on the radio"

In support of Perrie though, fans then started calling out the BBC on twitter for cutting the girls off.