KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are in an ugly picture war on Insta

scandal 17/05/2017

When you send a pic to your friends you gotta make sure you're looking fab AF but when it comes to your bestfriend it's no lie that we all go out of our way to look as ugly as possible...

And what type of bestfriend would you be if you didn't screenshot those pics, for future blackmail purposes, birthdays or for when you're in a ugly picture war (very specific but hey thats why you're here).

So going by that Logic, KJ and Cole are the bestest friends out! Right now the pair are in that exact war after KJ put up these two pics on Insta.

(We just can't get over how cute is it that they went on a camping trip together) but in return, Cole shared some of his own fav KJ photos on his Insta story.

Cole hasn't posted any pics yet, other than what was on his story, so here's hoping he's got something good installed!