Katy Perry's new music video for 'Bon Appétit' is weird AF

scandal 13/05/2017

Seem's like Katy Perry's the only thing on the menu in this new NSFW vid...and we mean that literally. 

If you've always wondered what Katy Perry would look like being turned into a meal, well you're in luck. This morning the music video for 'Bon Appétit' was released and we get to see Katy being rolled out like bread, boiled up, and then plated up like you favourite meal (yeah...we were weirded out as well).

But some fans think that there's more going on in the video than just meal prep:

So this could be a political statement about rising up to the 'rich' figures that she is being consumed/served to but then we see her turning the tables and winning over them all. (or she just felt like being a sexy meal for this one).