How you should message your crush based on their Zodiac Sign

trending 10/05/2017

The hardest decision is how you're going to txt your crush.

Do you send an emoji? do you put an 'x'? what about a winky face? THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

But lucky for us Elite Daily cracked the code and figured out how to talk to your crush based on their Zodiac sign!


The best way to catch the attention of an Aries is to be just as enthusiastic as they are by loading your message full of caps and exclamation marks.

Taurus - Don't mess about and get to the point

Taurus can come across un-interested through a text but we all know that's not really what they're like!

They're straight to the point with the details so don't muck about trying to make small talk. 

Gemini - Get ready to use those emojis

Geminis are quite the social bunch when it comes to txting. They'll be having 7 convos on the go at once, but don't like to leave anyone out, so expect 18 half finished sentences at once (which could have easily been written in one message) .

They also love gifs and emojis so fill your messages up with them!

Cancer - Epic romance novels

Cancers have a lot of feelings and want you to know exactly what they are. So be sure to expect a heartfelt message from them because the definitely will be expecting one for you.

Leo - Nudes

Leos love to express themselves and would much prefer to do this through a picture than through words especially when it comes to sending a checky nude (not saying you should send back...just prepare yourself).

Virgo - Good old fasion phone call

Virgos love everything to be perfect and can't afford to make a spelling mistake, or for you to misinterpreted their tone, So don't stress too much about your text to them because they'll just respond to it by calling you.

Libra - Get ready for a quiz show

Libra's love to ask a whole lot of questions like:

What should we do? What do I wear? Is that what you’re wearing? What’s the atmosphere like? What will we be doing?

So be ready to answer them all but keep in mind, at least it means they like you. The less questions a Libra asks, the less they care.

Scorpio - Expect to be left on 'read'

Scorpios love to drive you up the wall by not replying to messages. They enjoy the power they have over peoples emotions and love to play abit of 'Jenga' with them.

This just shows how vulnerable they are deep down, but don’t tell them you know that if you ever want a text back.

Sagittarius - Wanna hear a joke?

To start the convo Sagittarius love to send a cute joke. So be abit playful, send something light and cute, and get that convo going!

FYI This is The Bachelor Zac's sign so to the remaining Bachelorettes....take note.

Capricorn - Make the first move

Capricorns are a busy bunch so don't take it the wrong way if you don't start the convo. Don't be afraid to txt them first because as soon as you do they'll be more than up for having a chat.

Aquarius - loves their theories

Aquarius are full of theories, memories and thoughts that they love to share with others so if you do too then you've got a lot to chat about!

Pisces - texts first but no reply

Talk about a short attention span!

Pisces love to send a txt like "Hey what's up?" but when you reply with "Not much, you?" don't expect a reply. It's nothing personal it's just in the space of you replying they've probably seen something shiny on the ground and completely forgot about txting you in the first place. So don't be afraid to send a follow up txt or just give them a call. 

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