Here's what to watch after you've finished '13 Reasons Why'

trending 01/05/2017

Ol' Aunty Shaz-dog has come to the rescue with her long list of shows to watch after 13 Reasons Why...

Why hello there, have you recovered from the emotional rollercoaster of 13 Reasons Why?

It took me a couple of days but I’m out of the foetal position and stopped yelling “WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY” and “BRYCE YOU ARE SUCH AN ASSHOLE” - By the way that’s about the Bryce in ‘13 Reasons Why’ not my husband Bryce, although he stunk out the house out with bacon today when I’m trying to eat healthy, so maybe a little bit him too but drastically different reasons, ANYWAY enough of my personal problems, lets get to your problems and find you a new show to watch now you’re done with ‘13 Reasons Why’

Ok, DON’T YOU JUDGE ME if you’re already watching this show cause clearly you have good taste, but if you’re not then YOU MUST! Riverdale is based on the Archie comics and stars New Zealand’s own KJ Apa (Shortland St) as Archie and Wellington local Nathalie Bolt (Step Dave and 800 Words) the cast is hot, the acting it good and the storyline is addictive.

Produced by Charlize Theron and based loosely (real loose) on Sophia Amoruso the founder of the online store and author of the bible #GIRLBOSS, is an easy watch.
It’s 13 episodes that are 27 minutes long and is hilarious!
Look out for RuPaul who plays Sophia’s neighbour and Britt Robertson as Sophia from the Nicholas Spark movie ‘The Last Ride’

I read Mindy Kaling’s book before I started this series because I was given it as a present and she is so clever you will no doubt find yourself in her (if you’re a crazy girl like me anyway) The Mindy Project is such an easy watch based on the life of Mindy as a obstetrician and the love story will have you hooked, if you’re a sucker for comedy & romantical scenes then The Mindy Project will be right up your street.


HOLY SHIT. You will never watch reality shows the same again after watching Unreal. 2 seasons based on an extreme behind the scenes version of ‘The Bachelor’ it’s a wild ride that is funny, shocking, thrilling and FASCINATING. I’ve asked reality contestants how close to real it is and they said close, but way more extreme at times, You’ll be hooked after the first episode.

Based on the hilarious book written by Australian Zoey Foster-Blake, it’s one of the first times I’ve enjoyed a book that’s been turned into a TV show. Zoey is very witty and the cast she’s pulled together to bring the Wrong Girl to life is PERFECT, it’s such a funny show and if Rom coms are your thing then this show will be aswell.

All I need to say is - DONNA, HARVEY, MIKE & LEWIS. Get Litt up bitches this is a bloody show! Also Prince Harry’s girlfriend is in it, but she’s probably the most annoying character.

This show is HILARIOUS, produced by Tina Fey starring a hilarious Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) Ellie Kemper, cameos from Jon Hamm (Mad Men) and rising star Titus you will laugh out loud at how random and crazy this show is. Kimmy was kept prisoner underground until she breaks free and is greeted with a new exciting world, taking it on in the weirdest way.

Jono and Ben made me write this.

I don’t think I really need to explain to you that this show is amazing cause the chat around it speaks for itself, if you haven’t started then BINGE WATCH!  Also, I highly recommend the biography of the real Alex Vause ‘Out of Orange’ it’s thrilling and unbelievably true.

If you watched Gilmore Girls the first time you’ll appreciate the revamp of the show with 4 special episodes that will leave you wanting more (I think there will be by the way they leave it at the end) If you haven’t watched any Gilmore Girls, give yourself a good stern talking to and get watching you silly goat, you’ve been missing out!

A documentary on one of the most messed up and interesting murders in the last 20 years that captured the world's attention, told by the accused and falsely imprisioned Amanda Knox. I’m not someone who likes scary or squiemish things but I could handle this and found it really interesting.

So there ya go, more shows than you could shake a stick at, why you have the stick is your business and I don’t want to know what you’re doing with it, but shake it all you want. 


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