Here's everything you need to know about 'Riverdale' season 2

scandal 25/05/2017


Like, actually though. 

While you've all been waiting patiently for season 2 of Riverdale, we decided to collate a list of everything we know about the new season so far (and there's actually quite a lot).

The finale of season 1 left us with SO many unanswered questions! Most importantly, we need to know if Bughead will becoome Rughead in season 2... 

Anyway, here's what we know:

1. Archie will be the bad guy (well, for a while anyway)

Yep, that's right! One of the Showrunner's for Riverdale revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the character of Archie is on a "hero's journey" but before he ends that journey, he will need to go through a few plot twists involving revenge, darkness and violence.

So it’s going to be a really different Archie for season two,” he says. “That’s really exciting.”

2. Betty's secret older brother might come to Riverdale

Why else would they have revealed she even had a secret brother? It's a given that he will make an appearance at some stage.

3. The first episode of season 2 will be in the diner 

It's been confirmed by producers of the show that episode 1 of season 2 will pick up where season 1 left off... in the Pop's diner with Archie's dad bleeding out on the floor.

4. A war is about to break out 

Producers revealed that season 2 will see a "civil war" break-out between the north side and south side of Riverdale. Will Jughead join the Serpents? Will there be a Romeo and Juliet plot?? WHO KNOWS.

5. Polly will give birth to the twins

She is definitely ready to pop, so get ready for another set of twins!

5. Betty and Jughead will potentially end

If there's anything that the finale of season one taught us, it was that Jughead and Betty were on the rocks (aaaand that Archie may have realised that he's with the wrong girl).