Harry Styles new song rumoured to be about Taylor Swift

scandal 11/05/2017

Seems like Harry Styles fans are out for blood....bad blood.

Whether it's because they wern't the lucky ones to be dating the dreamy man himself or just because they want Taylor to get a taste of her own medicine, fans are convinced Harry's new song "Two Ghosts" is about Taylor.

While the song hasn't been released yet, Apple Music's put out the below vid and about 8 seconds in you can hear a small part of the song:

If you pause the video at just the right time you can actually see some of the lyrics to the song. 

"Same lips red/same eyes blue/same white shirt/couple more tattoos/Tastes so sweet/Looks so real/Sounds like something that I used to feel"

Sound familiar?? Definitely fits the discription of Taylor and could be a reference to her song "Style" that had the lyrics "I got that red lip, classic thing that you like" and "You've got that long hair slick back, white t-shirt".

Since we can't know for sure, we'll have to wait till his album is released May 15th to see if the rest of the lyrics match up!