Harry Styles has said what will scare him most about touring

scandal 19/05/2017

TBH this just makes us love him even more.

It's gotta be such scary thing from touring with one of the biggest bands ever, to being on stage all by yourself. In a recent interview, with Hits 1 in Hollywood, Harry talked about what he's most scared of when he starts his world wide tour.

He said "I think you are very aware that everything you are writing you have to say, and I think there is a part where you could write songs and kind of hide behind everyone singing and you could be like ‘It wasn’t me, it was him!'”

"But I think it is kind of something, you have to stand behind everything you have written. And also, whenever I have written before it was never writing for my album, so it was always something where you would work out songs and now I can’t do the ‘It wasn’t me’ routine anymore,".

Hopefully those nerves calm down when he gets on the road because we already know he will be amaze (and that's not just because we're in love...weelll maybe a little)