Harry Styles face planted after trying to stage dive

scandal 12/05/2017

Picture this: you're at an exclusive Harry Styles concert, you're getting lost in those eyes as he's singing away, then out of no where... HE STAGE DIVES, what do you do?

Well apparently you just move to the side and let him fall in one direction - the ground.

Harry was preforming at a secret listening party in Brooklyn when we decided this was the perfect time to try his first stage dive. SPOILER ALERT: it wasnt as he fell straight the ground.

A writer from Nylon who was at the party said "As it turns out, the young folks these days don't really know how to participate in a stage dive and maybe also, as teenage girls, have limited upper-body strength, and so when Styles jumped into the crowd, rather than being uplifted, he immediately sank to the floor."

If we've learnt anything from this it's that if he tries to stage dive at his NZ concert make sure you CATCH HIM.