FYI Spicy Skittles and Spicy Starbursts now exist

scandal 24/05/2017

Move over sweet and sour because sweet and spicy is the latest craze!

Right now, in Chicago, is the annual Sweets & Snacks Expo. How did we not know this was a thing??

At the Expo Wrigley have confirmed that in December they'll be releasing a new spicy flavour for both Skittles and Starburt and we're inlove.

Wrigley have said "From flavors like honey sriracha to mango chipotle, confectioners and snack manufacturers both are increasingly turning to sweet to balance out hot, spicy or tangy flavors,".

"We've certainly seen some of that in the candy industry before with Red Hots and Atomic Fireball, but this is taking those flavors to the next level and really experimenting with different heat sources as well as different sweet sources."

It hasn't been revealed if these flavours will only be available in the US but here's hoping they'll be letting NZ in on that spice!