FYI LED eyelashes are the latest thing you need

scandal 31/05/2017

Your eyes can now look as bright as your future (naaww arn't we so sweet).

Get ready to stand out in the crowd with the most futuristic beauty trend yet. Designer Tien Pham showed the world his new LED eyelashes at Maker Faire.

Not gonna lie, these look pretty amazing and they have DIFFERENT MODES. You thought they just lit up? oh no my friend. The can flash, sparkle and you can set it to 'Dance mode' which tbh we have no idea but it sounds amazing. 

The lashes aren't available just yet but Tien is going to start up a Kickstart page which, if successful, will have lashes that come in pink, red, blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green so you can have a different set for every outfit!