Everyone is saying this 19 year-old is Scott Disick's new GF

scandal 17/05/2017

Can't say we're that suprised TBH...

If you havn't been keeping up (sorry but we had to) with the Kardashian dramas, then we have got some news for you!

It's been reported that Scott Disick's finally moved on from Kourtney and is now dating 19 year-old, Bella Thorne.

Atleast Bella will see a familiar face when she's invited round for a family dinner considering one of her good friends is Kylie Jenner.

Reports started when Scott and Bella were spotted going on two dates over the past week, having dinner at Catch LA in West Hollywood on one night and being out till 1.30am on the other. 

We'll have to wait and see how this relationship goes!