Ed Sheeran says Taylor Swift is pretty much made his career

scandal 01/05/2017

Nawwwwwwwwwww, we will always love these two!

Ed Sheeran has come out and said that his BFF Taylor Swift is the reason behind is fame as a musician.

In said during an interview that Tay Tay was the one who jump-started his career, saying that having an endorsement like Taylor Swift is bound to help almost anyone!

"I thinks she’s like, Miss America. There’s no one really bigger than her in America, and if she says she likes anything, people kind of take notice of it. So to be able to tour with her for six months really helps."

He went to say, "It was weird because I remember taking on the tour and thinking that it would really help my record sales going on the tour and by the end of the tour the record hadn’t really moved at all. I was kind of thinking, ‘Oh man did that tour help?”