Detachable jeans are a thing and we do not know how to feel

scandal 19/05/2017

Look we've all been there. You wake up in the morning freezing your a** off so you decide today you'll be toasty warm by putting on your jeans. But by midday the suns out, your buns are burning and you're regretting every decision you've ever made.

Well Y/Project have felt your pain and decided to do something about it.

They've created a new pair of jeans but not just any jeans, Detachable jeans. They've got a very flattering split between the leg and the butt (so be ready to have your underbutt on display). 


But like we said come midday, when you turn into a sweety mess, you just un-button the two parts and BOOM:


And if you weren't sold already these jeans are a bargain at only $600!