Auckland supermarket mistakenly sells $1 bottles of wine

trending 31/05/2017

So thaaaat's why they sold out of wine so quickly...

Bottles of wine were mistakenly sold at an Auckland Countdown supermarket for $1 each on Friday evening.

Two bottles of Riverstone Chardonnay, the last remaining stock, were sold for the extreme bargain price at Northcote Countdown.

"This mistake was due to a human error when keying in a clearance price," a Countdown spokeperson told Newshub.

"Instead of entering a dollar off the retail price, a sale price of $1 was entered."

The spokesperson said the incident didn't break the law, and the price was not advertised outside of the store.

There's no minimum price for the sale of alcohol in retail stores, even though there's a minimum price for alcohol advertisements.

The mistake was discovered by an RNZ  journalist on Friday, the spokesperson said, and they reported on it on Monday evening.

"Countdown has a policy not to sell any alcohol below cost," the spokesperson said.

"We will be working with our stores to make sure an error like this doesn't happen again."

Source: Newshub.