An official Nutella cafe is about to open!

scandal 18/05/2017

Goodbye summer bod and hello Chicago!

Nutella have just announced that they're about to open their first official Cafe in Chicago and we're already booking our tickets. Ofc you might've already had a nutella themed-meal from somewhere else in the world but what makes this special is this is the first one Ferrero (who make Nutella btw) will actually own. 

Just think of all the Nutella goodness that'll be in crepes, pizzas, cookies (dw we're dooling over here too) but they'll also be proper meals to dig in to even though you'll only be there for one reason.

Nutella's Head of Marketing said "The Nutella Cafe offers something for everybody, and we encourage everyone to come in and try a dish or snack. We hope Nutella enthusiasts, Chicagoans and visitors enjoy the cafe as much as we enjoyed creating it."

The cafe is set to open later this month trip to Chicago anyone???