'High School Musical 4' lead looks like a young Vanessa Hudgens

scandal 04/05/2017

It was upsetting news when we heard that High School Musical 4 won't feature any of the original cast, but we might be lucky enough to get someone with an uncanny resemblance.

According to Just Jared Jr, actress Merit Leighton is very close to securing a lead role in the new HSM, and she looks like a young version of Vanessa Hudgens.

Merit voices Lucinda on Disney's Sofia The First and could play one of three major roles in the movie including: Erin, the only girl on the boys' soccer team, Nathalie, Erin's BFF and bubbly East High cheerleader or Tamara, East High's former queen bee.

We're not sure it will be as good as the originals, but we're still pretty excited to see the next group of Wildcats hit the screens.