Zayn Malik's mum just shaded Perrie Edwards on Insta

scandal 19/04/2017

It seems like Zayn and Perrie are the new Romeo and Juliet...

Not because of all the lovey dovey sh*t, but the fact that it will be a relationship that we will remember for the ages because fans WILL JUST NOT LET IT GO...*Insert "Frozen" lyrics here*

Feud rumours between the two ex-love-birds have hit headlines once again after Zayn's mum, Trisha Milak, posted a pic to Insta of a bunch of flowers that Zayn and his now girlfriend Gigi had sent her:

But it was when fans noticed that Trisha 'liked' a salty asf comment about Perrie on her pic that it all kicked off: 

Fans called her a "b***h" and said how dissapointed they felt in her because "Perrie always respected and loved you Trisha"

Trisha replied to all the comments saying "I honestly don't have anything against Perrie, I never have n I never will" and has now made her account private. 

Lets hope this finally puts an end to the Zayn and Perrie saga...