Tinder uses are more into commitment than you think

trending 27/04/2017

Turns out Tinder users are more into commitment than you'd think, which is suuuper surprising.

The stereotype of Tinder being a 'casual sex' app has now officially been proven wrong.

Tinder released new data from a recent durvey they did on over 20,000 users (half men and women), and the findings totally crushed the above theory and generalisation about Tinder and what users are hoping to get from it.

The survey found that only 9% of men on Tinder said maintaining a committed relationship is difficult, compared to 30% of offline daters.

This was also the case for women too, with only 9% of female Tinder users aged 18 to 24 said it was difficult to hold down a relationship, compared to 18% who date offline.

This means that 74% of Tinder daters reported that they have had more than one committed relationship as an adult, in comparison to 49% of offline daters.