These are the Zodiac Signs who are most likely to cheat

trending 04/04/2017

We all love a good Zodiac Sign article, don't we?

Heeeeeeck yes we do! That's why we write these articles.

Anyway, this 21st century horescope study has revealed which Zodiac Signs are most likely to cheat.

According to the study, these star signs are the ones you really need to watch out for (they're also in order of how bad they are): Saggitarius, Aquarius or Gemini. 

Mr. Sagittarius takes out first place for cheating... so if your partner is a Saggi you best keep your eyes peeled! 

See the percentages for each Zodiac sign below:

- Sagittarius: 16%

- Aquarius: 15%

- Gemini: 13%

- Capricorn: 11%

- Aries: 9%

- Cancer: 8%

- Taurus: 7%

- Libra: 5%

- Leo: 5%

- Virgo: 4%

- Pisces: 4%

- Scorpio: 3%

FYI our new Bachelor Zac is a Saggi - watch out ladies! 

P.s who else is excited AF for next Sunday's episode of The Bachelor New Zealand? We can't wait to see where that overseas trip is!