The New Baywatch trailer is here and Zac Efron looks hot AF

trending 28/04/2017

Is it hot in here or is that just us??

The third trailer for Baywatch just proves that this guy is from another world because it can not be humanly possible for someone to be this beautiful.

Zac's co-star Alexandra Daddario gave us the closest insight we'll (unfortunately) most likely ever get to seeing dat fine bod in person. She said "It was sort of like a — I wasn't prepared. It was like an animalistic shock went through me. I don't know. He's, like, not human. He's like something Michelangelo carved. I've never seen a man that looks like him. It's incredible".

Baywatch is out June 1st and if these trailers have told us anything, it's going to literally be Zac Efron heaven.