Subway employee reveals the one item you should never order

trending 21/04/2017

You might want to try and avoid buying this menu item next time you're at Subway...

An ex-Subway employee revealed the one menu item you should always avoid buying.

He said while he did enjoy his time working at the Sandwhich giant chain, there are some menu items we all need to be wary of.

In super "eye opening" Reddit thread, the anonymous Subway worker said customers "should be wary of the roast beef because the meat goes bad the quickest."

The meatballs are also one to watch... as they are apparantly, "not always fresh either, and can be served up with 'congealed' marinara sauce."

He went on to say, "let me sum it up for you, the deli-paper your sandwich is made on (just from coming into contact with the cutting board) should be considered a health biological hazard. In fact, if you notice an employee wrapping your sandwich in deli paper THEN the sandwich paper, tell them the f*** not to... Trust me... We wipe them off all the time, but we only clean them twice a month."