Study claims young Kiwi women have a drinking problem

trending 27/04/2017

Apparently Kiwi women have just as much of a problem as the lads when it comes to drinking...

Although we already knew this deep down, a new study confirms young New Zealand women have a drinking problem. 

The study was conducted by Massey University researchers Martin Wall and Sally Cresswell, and it found women under 24 who purchased RTDs were found to drink 24 litres per YEAR (on average).

"We didn't find too many studies that had done anything similar, and they didn't usually focus on characteristics," Wall said.

"The methodology of grouping is quite common, but the thing we did – by using drink-of-choice and the place where they drunk, off-premises or on-premises – that, as far as I know, hasn't been done before."

Alcohol Healthwatch executive director Dr Nicki Jackson said the research "reinforces the role of off-licences in alcohol-related harm" in New Zealand.

"Drinkers are increasingly choosing to purchase their alcohol from these outlets, resulting in them now selling around 75 per cent of all alcohol in New Zealand."