New Zealand is about run out of Chicken McNuggets

trending 11/04/2017


New Zealand is in the midst of a McNugget crisis, and we are seriously about to freak the f*ck out. 

McDonalds New Zealand has nearly run out of chicken nuggets thanks to a popular promotion, and we're not okay with it.

A number of Macca's stores have literally run out of McNuggets, leaving Kiwi customers hungry.  

The fast food giant has been advertising a 20-pack of chicken McNuggets for $10, which has now led to a stock outage.

McDonalds Petone even had to put a "SOLD OUT" sign on their menu earlier this week! 

"Hangry" McDonalds customers have taken to social media to express their dissapointment. 

One customer even posted the below message to the McDonald's Facebook page.

Some customers have been offered 10 nuggets for $7 as a "make good" instead of 20 for $10.

McDonald's spokeswoman Sarah Fitzpatrick said the current promotion had been "extremely popular" and that some restaurants experienced a "brief shortage of stock".