KJ Apa tells the world how much he misses New Zealand

trending 06/04/2017

Nawwwwww, we miss you too KJ... come back and visit us ASAP please. 

If you've ever wondered what KJ Apa has been listening to on his Spotify lately, you may be quite surprised to hear it's not Ed Sheeran's Shape of You. 

KJ posted on his Instagram Story a screenshot of his most played track as of recent, and it turns out it's a jam from Aotearoa - a jam literally from Aotearoa.

The track is of a Tui in NZ's native bush, singing away.

We bet that KJ Apa must be a little homesick, but at least he can know he has all of us Kiwis cheering him on as he kills it in Hollywood!