Iggy Azalea has just been spotted in New Zealand

scandal 04/04/2017


First Reese Witherspoon, then Justin Bieber and now Igyy Azalea? Looks like our little old NZ is the hot place to be for celebs right now.

Turns out our girl Iggy Azalea has snuck herself into New Zealand for a wee holiday, if her latest Snapchat Story is anything to go by.

The singer posted a selfie on her Snapchat using the geo-tag for Queenstown, in NZ's beautiful South Island (all the celebs end up there).

Check it out below *someone pinch us*

If you see Iggy around Queenstown be sure to send us any snaps or vids!

P.s Iggy if you're reading this, you better pop in for a visit girl!