Fans are hating on Katy Perry for her latest Instagram post

scandal 21/04/2017

Katy Perry fans are not happy.

Yep, that's right. Katy Perry's fans are outraged about her latest "cultrally insensitive" Instagram post.

Indian fans of KP are upset after seeing her latest Insta post of the Hindu goodess Kali accompanied with a "disrespectful" caption.

She shared a pic of the Indian goddess Kali with the caption "current mood" which attracted more than 12,000 comments (majority of which were from Indian fans).

A user posting under the name sajrita.abbie wrote,

"The female Godess (sic) is Mata (mother) KALI and the male God is Lord Shiva and according to the mythology Mata KALI was very angry and she was destroying whatever came in her way so Lord Shiva was worried if she continued like this the world would come to an end. Therefore to stop her he lied down on the ground and when she put her leg on his chest."

After explaining that the goddess was in pain having disrespected Shiva, the user added:

"So how should I put in words that you understand the real meaning behind this picture. Well you are free to do whatever you like but as we all love and respect you I request you ma'am to please understand your Indians fans sentiments are getting disrespected and take this picture down."

Katy has not made any comment on the post.