You may think you know who's going to win, but you're wrong

The Bachelor NZ 20/03/2017

Dom Bowden revealed some pretty juicy Bach goss this morning, saying that your fave Bachelor NZ gal could soon turn into your worst enemy! 

Look lets be real, after last night's premiere they made it pretty damn clear who the strong contenders where...*cough* Viarni *cough*

"There are a lot of girls there that people think are the favourites, but so much happens. If I could tell you stories about what I've seen... Last night was a bit awkward but he is a really good guy and he is looking for 'the one'. Some of the girls there are very focussed on trying to find an angle and get it in there."

The second episode of The Bachelor NZ season three is broadcast at 7:30pm tonight on Three.

Source: Newshub