Woman jailed for blasting Ed Sheeran on repeat

scandal 28/03/2017

The mother of three has been jailed for eight weeks for playing Shape of You on repeat (file)

An English mother of three has been jailed for playing an Ed Sheeran song at full volume on repeat.

Sonia Bryce played the hit 'Shape of You' over and over again until late at night as part of a campaign of noise disturbance against her neighbours, a court was told.

Bryce, a social housing tenant, created a "wholly unacceptable level of disturbance", according to the judge.

It wasn't the first time she had offended her neighbours with her music choice.

She had been repeatedly arrested in the past for breaching a court injunction against creating a nuisance or annoyance.

Bryce denied the latest disturbances had occurred, claiming she "doesn't even like Ed Sheeran".

However her defence fell out deaf ears, and she was given an eight-week jail sentence.

 "You must learn that you should behave as a reasonable and responsible adult and not make life for your neighbours the misery that you have," the judge told her.

"You do not behave like a civilised person and you have got to learn that you will."

Source: Newshub.