UberEATS is now delivering alcohol to your door

trending 24/03/2017

UberEATS, the new and even lazier offering from ride service Uber launced in Auckland a couple of weeks ago delivering food from 70 local restaurants straight to your door.

And just when you thought UberEATS couldn't get any dreamier, they're is finally doing what many of us have been thinking... They're beginning to bring booze straight to your door!

The service is officially launched in Melbourne yesterday, with over 30 liquor license holding restaurants adding alcohol delivery to their menus. YESSSSSS.

It is not yet known when alcohol delivery will be rolled out across NZ, but we already have a blackout scheduled for 10pm regardless.

 You'll also need to order a meal with your alcohol, because you're a responsible adult who only drinks while eating. Aren't you?

There's also a limit to six beers or one bottle of wine per order, which might be a splinter to those gnarly party plans of yours. Moderation, people!