This is why you might see blurred photos on Instagram soon

trending 27/03/2017

This is actually a reaaaaally good idea tbh...

Instagram are introducing "blurred photos" to their newsfeed, and it's probably the best update the've made in a while!

The social media app will now add a blurred filter over photo that have been deemed "sensitive" or "explicit" by other users/the instagram community. 

The reason behind blurring particular photos is to make the app a safer place for everyone.

But what does Instagram deem as "sensitive" though?

Well according to The Verge, it means content that shows violence or sexually explicit posts.

"Examples include animal rights groups that share content to expose animal testing conditions or animal abuse, or content that raises awareness of humanitarian crises around the world (famine, impact of war on local communities)," Instagram told the site.

The blur will also be accompanied by a message saying the content has been reported as offensive or disturbing, but if you still want to see the post all you have to do is tap it to see the content hidden behind the blur.

"This change means you are less likely to have surprising or unwanted experiences in the app."