This company will pay you $10k a month to travel the world

trending 22/03/2017

If your dream is to become Insta famous (come on, whose isn't?)... then this job is for you! 

The job is a three month contract with a company called THIRDHOME that will require you to travel all over the world for three months, while staying at a variety of different multi-million dollar homes #dreaaaam.

The founder of THIRDHOME told Elite Daily:

As the leading member-only travel club for the luxury vacation homeowner, the ideal THIRDHOME candidate will be a luxury connoisseur with strong storytelling skills and, of course, a passion for travel.

The best part about the whole thing is that you get paid $10,000 a month (plus, all your travel expenses are taken care of).

Just look at some of the places you could be staying... 

So basically all you gotta do is enjoy travelling and share your experiences by posting beautiful pictures on social media for three months.

You also need some experience in social media and hospitality - blogging and vlogging are also a massive plus!

You can read the full job description and apply for the role on the THIRDHOME Facebook page.