This app analyses texts from guys to see if they like you

trending 30/03/2017

Who else thinks we should bring back Dom the love coach?

He can read out text messages on-air from guys to see if they like you or not *lel*, cos that's exactly what this new app does.

There's a new app called CRUSHH that secretly analyses your crush's text message to see whether he likes you or not. 

But wait... that's not even the best part! It also scores them from one to give on their likability for you!

The app uses a specially-tailored algorithm based on info gathered from over 200,000 texting relationships (phewwwww,  that's A LOT of texting relationships).

So how does it work? It analyses the words and deciphers the texting patterns in order to calculate and deliver a score on likeability.

It's a taaaad creepy if you ask us.