This 'boob cake' has caused massive outrage on Instagram

Pics 23/03/2017

Well this is pretty much the most ridiculous thing we've ever seen if we're being honest...

After posting a pic of this "boob cake" on Instagram, a woman has had her account disabled for "pornographic content" and it's caused a massive outrage on Instagram. 

According to Mashable, there have been countless people taking to social media to express their opposing opinion on Instagram's decision to disable her account for such a harmless post. 

Fiona says the cake was not meant to look like nipples, but that it was just a traditional Simnel cake.

One person said: "Trolling, death threats and hate speech is ok with Instagram but someone post a picture of cake that could resemble a boob if a straight male teenager going through puberty really used his imagination, and Instagram gets to censoring."

Another said, "boob cake? Seriously? What boob has this many nipples?"

It's all a bit OTT if we're being honest.