6 most common symbols in dreams and what they mean

trending 07/03/2017

1. Falling

We’ve all had this one, and it’s f*cking scary every damn time. The feeling of falling is believed to imply that you’re hanging on too tightly to a particular situation and you need to let go of it. Basically, stop being so up tight about stuff and maybe you’ll stop plummeting off skyscrapers in your sleep.

2. Finding an empty room

This one is a little more low key, and doesn’t quite compare to falling (however it’s equally as important meaning-wise). This is one of the more rather literal dreams and suggests you’ve unknowingly discovered a hidden talent.

3. Being unprepared for an exam

No matter much studying you do, the night before an exam always yields this dream. This suggests you’re critically analysing yourself. Be confident and back your ability to succeed, otherwise these sorts of dreams will keep plaguing you.

4. Flying

You’re not a human unless you’ve had this dream at least once. Every person who has ever watched a superhero movie has dreamed about flying over cities – it’s just natural. Flying in dreams symbolises being free and liberated, usually because you have managed to make a huge decision in life or risen above a heavy responsibility. #Deep

5. Being naked in public

We've had our fair share of naked moments at The Edge (pretty much every day lets be real), but being naked on radio and naked in public are two very different things. This dream suggests that you feel vulnerable and exposed (literally and figuratively), and means you do should probably be a little more confident on your own ability.

6. Being chased

Literally everyone has been chased during a dream, if anything it’s a dream-staple. It simply means that you don’t want to confront an issue as you don’t know how too. Don’t fancy being chased in your sleep anymore? Challenge your issues head on people.